MIRPURKHAS - Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Chairman Mustafa Kamal has said that his party’s manifesto is to ensure better future of Pakistan’s generations.

He further said that basic human rights were universal in nature, and the government should now give these to the people.

“People in Pakistan are deprived of basic health facilities, education, drinking water etc, as the government has failed to deliver to the people these basic amenities. A government, which fails on this front, has no right to rule,” he said categorically. 

Addressing a press conference after opening a unit office of his party here on Tuesday, he said, “We will hold a people’s court in Hyderabad on Dec 23. Parties are run with the support of masses, and not with the support of establishment.”

Earlier he arrived here along with other leaders of his party, Anees Qaim Khani, Anees Advocate, Raza Haroon and Ashfaq Mangi. 

He said that eight months back some people had tried to check his patience in Mirpurkhas. “But today we have been given a warm welcome by the masses,” he said excitedly. 

He said that MQM-London was asking the legislators of MQM-Pakistan to resign from their offices. 

He made it clear that his party had no personal enmity with anyone.

He added that he and his party men had refused to take offices offered by Altaf Hussain and turned to the masses in order to ensure safety of future generations.