LAHORE-Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is a Pakistani filmmaker and activist best known for her award winning documentaries. In 2012 the Time magazine included Sharmeen in their annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. Her most notable film is Pakistan’s first ever animated film 3 Bahadur. In an exclusive interview with The Nation she talks about the sequel of 3 Bahadur (The Revenge of Baba Balaam). Following are the excerpts of the interview:

Tell us about the sequel of your film 3 Bahadur?

3Bahadur Revenge of Baba Balaam opens in cinemas across Pakistan from 15th December. It’s the story of three children Amna, Kamil and Saadi and this time they have to save the world from bad evil.

This is the fight between good and evil. 3 Bahadur go on adventure to another world to save their own world. We have used special effects that no one has used in animation of Pakistan. The script is funny and appealing for the children. The voice actors in the film includes one of the biggest stars of our Pakistan film industry Fahad Mustafa, Sarwat Gillani, Ahmed Ali Butt, Zeba Shehnaz, Zuhab Khan, Ali Gul Pir and many more. There is a lesson in the film for children to learn.

You have produced many award winning documentaries, what inspired to make this film in 3D?

When I was growing up in Pakistan there was only one television station PTV but it had so much content for the children to watch Ainak wala jin, uncle Sargam, I grew up with the songs of Sohail Rana but I feel my children which were growing up in Pakistan didn’t have animated content or children content that was specifically in Urdu language. That was the reason I decided to make this film.

It’s the second part of 3 Bahadur what should the audience expect this time in term of entertainment?

The audience should expect pure entertainment. The film opens with a fast pace action scene and throughout the film you will see a lot of action and lesson to learn for the children. Baba Balaam is the main evil force but he has setup minions and those minions are going to get power as well and you will see the way they get trained. So, we have tried to strike a balance between action, humour and relationship of parents with their children. 

Ahmed Ali Butt has given voice over of police SHO in the second part of 3 bahadur. Throw some light on his role.

We feel that policeman character which Ahmed Ali Butt is playing was perfect for him. When he stepped into the recording studio he started adlibbing the lines and creating his own lines which worked perfectly with the script. I think when you work with animation and create a character you always look to see the voice of that character and Ahmed Ali Butt’s voice really brought the police officer character to life.

Did you face any difficulty while

selecting people for voice over?

Actually all of the actors that we have approached were more than willing to give their voice to the film because their children had all seen 3bahadur Part1 and they really loved it.

The film 3bahadur first part was showcased at New York Film Festival. How was the response?

The response of 3bahadur in New York Film Festival was fantastic. The film has been showcased in Canada before it was shown in festivals in Europe. The house was full and overseas Pakistanis brought their children to the watch the film and appreciated our work. So many mothers came to me and said you have done a brilliant job and they were looking forward to see 3 Bahadur part 2 in New York festival.

It is said that making sequel is a more challenging task considering people have more expectations. What

challenges did you face?

Once 3 Bahadur was in cinema and children from across Pakistan appreciated it we felt that character which we have build in this film is part of every body’s daily life. Children were buying products games, T-shirts of 3 bahadur. So we felt that we really need to make the sequel of 3 Bahadur. The challenges we have face is that in Pakistan we don’t have the cutting edge technology that people in other countries do have. Our infrastructure is unfortunately weak so, our challenge was more on infrastructure side and we are hoping that this film is a success and allows us to improve and build better infrastructure and films as well.

You have opened a new genre of film making in Pakistan. How do you see the future of animated movies in Pakistan?

I see the future of animated films in Pakistan very bright. The first film was a box office hit and I hope it will encourage other filmmakers to take the risk.

The superheroes defeated Mangu in first film was the story for sequel conceived during the first film?

The idea of sequel was conceived in the first film but the story was yet not. We worked on the story right after the first film came out and we knew we want it to retain the same characters but Mangu had been vanquished. We want it to show that people like Mangu are controlled by greater power and that’s why Baba Balaam came back to take revenge for what happened with Mangu.

Would you like to share about your

upcoming projects?

At Waadi Animations we are developing another feature animated film which is different from the one we have created for 3 bahadur.