Recently I have been watching debates on Pakistani TVs where the cases against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif are being discussed. I think the news items, the TV anchors and other participants have been mixing the two issues together with the result that the cases against him cannot be concluded early. These may take months or even years, which will go in the benefit of the accused.

The two issues are: The misstatements of Nawaz Sharif (telling lies on oath), and the cases of Panama leaks and others. The first case is very simple and should be tried separately from the Panama Leaks issue and other charges of financial irregularities. He has been giving various statements and has been filing his income tax returns. His statements are on record in the forms of videos, and his income tax returns are also available in the official records. Just comparing these two types of records it can easily be verified whether or not he has been telling lies. This is such a simple case that, without any further inquiry, the decision can be given by the court within days.

If it is found that he has been telling lies, then he can summarily be disqualified under Article 63 of the Constitution of Pakistan from holding the office of the Prime Minister. Once Nawaz Sharif leaves the office of the Prime Minister, then the cases of Panama Leaks and the scrutiny of his income tax returns should be started. This is a long process and will take a lot of time as it needs many inquiries. However, once Nawaz Sharif is not in office, the political interference from him will not be there and these cases will not take long to decide.


Lahore, November 4.