LAHORE: Two drivers of Pakistan Railways were facing action on Tuesday over the allegations of stopping a train to eat ‘nan-pakoras’.

The bells rang in the public utility on the matter of ‘nan-pakoras’—a traditional local food of Pakistan.

Although it is still unclear whether these were ‘nan-pakoras’ or ‘nan-chaney’ as the department is ‘claiming’ these were hot pakoras instead of chaney which media was reporting and the train drivers stopped the engine on track near Gujranwala to relish the dish.

Both the drivers, Abdul Majid and his assistant Muhammad Saqib, faced immediate suspension as Minister Pakistan Railways Saad Rafique and PR CEO Javed Anwar Bobak took immediate action against the ‘hungry employees.’ They would face the inquiry now.

A press release of the PR though clarified it was not the train but only a locomotive which was stopped by the drivers when they saw hot pakora and nan being cooked at a small dhaba (restaurant) at a railway crossing near Gujranwala.

The locomotive was on its way from Gujranwala to Lala Mosa and it was supposed to attach with a faulty engine of a train stationed at Lala Mosa Railway Station.

Although the track was not busy because of absence of rail traffic but off-course it was a blunder which the drivers committed, said the Railways.

It is expected the PR will soon complete the inquiry, acts against the train drivers for violating the SoPs and also “fix” whether they were nan-chana or nan-Pakora.