Islamabad - Basic Education Community Schools (BECS) teachers on protest finally called off their sit-in after the federal education ministry assured them of addressing their demands in one year, Thursday.  The development came after the BECS teachers’ representatives held negotiations with the secretary ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (EF&PT) Arshad Mirza for two hours in the ministry.

The talk held between the ministry and the teachers on protest was facilitated by the city administration as it was persuading the teachers to end the protest at red zone. The BECS teachers staged a sit-in for 12 days at D-Chowk. However, they marched towards the parliament and held a protest there on Wednesday. An official said that the city administration helped in facilitating the two agreements between the education ministry and city administration. The education ministry agreed to give the time frame of resolving the demands of the teachers on protest, while the city administration in the agreement made persuaded the protestors to vacate the D-Chowk immediately after the agreement. According to the notification issued by the ministry it said that the authority is giving written assurance of addressing the demands made by the teachers on protest.

The ministry assured the protestors that no teacher will be removed from the service process of unpaid salaries will be expedite while it will also consider the regularization of the BECS employees.   The notification said, “In reference to the meeting with secretary in the ministry of federal education and professional training in the presence of district administration and the leadership of protesting BECS teachers, a written assurance is being conveyed to BECS teachers that no teacher will be removed arbitrarily, the ministry will expedite payment of dues and BECS teachers will be considered for regularization. The whole process shall not exceed one calendar year”.

The official said that BECS teachers agreeing with the ministry decided to end their protest as the ministry had given them a timeframe of addressing their issues and demands.  BECS teachers on protest had demanded from the government to give a timeframe for addressing their demands. Meanwhile the BECS representatives also gave a written notification to call off their protest immediately from the D-Chowk. The agreement said that a meeting has been held under the chairmanship of the secretary, ministry of federal education and professional training to resolve and decide the demands of protesting BECS teachers regarding issuance of their dues and regularization etc. “The secretary M/O FE&PT has resolved the matter and decided in the presence of ICT administration that the protest may be called off on the written assurance in a letter. Attendance of the teachers is attached,” said the agreement.

Furthermore, representatives of this protest who attended the meeting promised to immediately call off the protest in ICT, in view of the aforementioned letter given to them, the agreement added.

The BECS teachers vacated the protesting venue after the agreement was made; however, they vowed to come back if the ministry fails in fulfilling their demands within the given time frame. The BECS teachers had demanded from the government to release their unpaid salaries since the month of March this year, and to increase the amount from Rs8000 to Rs17000. They had also demanded from the ministry to regularize the service structure of above 12000 BECS teachers employed in the schools across the country.