Lahore (PR): being on the trajectory of growth and expansion has raised a whopping $3.675 million in funding from investors based in the US.

The funding has enabled them to establish a logistics base of an entire fleet of riders and dedicated vehicles, over 450 restaurant sand more than 200 employees. Starting with food delivery as the initial business vertical, they have expanded into delivering Books, Health & Beauty products and are on the cusp of launching Cheetay Grocery.

Their aim now is to go for an institutional funding round to acquire $10 million. With their vision and roadmap planned out, they plan to make a tectonic change in the industry by being the go to last mile company that provides an array of services not just in Lahore but in multiple cities throughout the country. Acquiring this amount will enable them to capitalise on their position in the industry and will help them focus on new product innovation and numerous initiatives that will help maintain control of the customer’s journey in an e-Commerce arena.