Cancer remains a very scary topic that affects the lives of thousands of men and women each year in the world. The number of children with eye cancer is on the rise which can affect their pivotal eyesight at their very young age and even becomes the cause of their deaths when they are brought to the hospitals in their final stages of the disease.

According to some figures quoted by Child Aid Association(CAA)that a majority of children with eye cancer that is medically known as retinoblastoma occurs mostly in some rural areas of Sindh and Balochistan while such deadly cases are even reported in the most populous province of Pakistan namely Punjab.

Genetic reasons forms the retinoblastoma or eye cancer as it mostly becomes the reason of attacking the both eyes of the victim and around 85 per cents of children contract eye cancer due to genetic reasons when the children at least first three years old while 5 to 10 percent of cancer cases are due to genetic defects, 90-95 percent are due to environmental and lifestyle factors.

But fortunately, experts say that retinoblastoma is treatable provided that the children are brought to the hospitals as soon as possible when they seem to be the prey of this fatal predator and the survival rate of the patients suffering from retinoblastoma is 95pc and if detected early then there are 100pc chances of saving their important lives. Some 8,000 cases of eye cancer are detected worldwide annually and from them, 2,000 are detected in south Asia. It is a tragic that most of the children in the rural territories of the country belong to the poor families living in some of the districts do not have facilities near them to treat their children and retain their health.

Thus, By being diligent with screenings and avoiding triggers such as smoking, poor nutrition, heavy alcohol use, obesity and low activity levels, many cancer-related deaths are theoretically preventable.


Turbat, December 3.