Provincial Minister of Sindh for Health Dr Azra Fazal Pechoho on Thursday ordered Dow University of Health Sciences to conduct competency tests of Grade 19 and 20 health officers. 

The tests are being conducted to maximise the level of competency and provide maximum health facilities to the people of Sindh. “The main objective of the test is to put the right person on the right seat,” Minister Pechoho said.

High achievers will be given administrative posts in various hospitals and 11 vertical programs in the province.

According to Dow University of Health Sciences, the last competency test was conducted on December 1 in which 112 candidates appeared out of 191. The result of the competency test was below 60 per cent. 

Dr Masood Ahmed scored 78 out of 150 in the test which is 53 per cent of total marks, Dr Shafique Ahmed scored 52 per cent while Dr Shahid Ansari achieved 51 per cent of the total marks.

There is no minimum criteria for passing or failing the exams with the lowest numbers being 23 out of 150 being received by Dr Hazora Sheikh while Dr Anwer Ali Abro scored 28 marks in the exam.

However, the no benchmark policy has health experts divided who say competency for various seats cannot be judged through the tests.