PARIS:- French students have gathered in the center of the French capital on Thursday to rally against higher university fees for non-EU citizens coming to study in France, a Sputnik

correspondent reported. The protesters gathered near one of the faculties of Sorbonne University in Place Jussieu square at around 1:00pm local time (12:00 GMT). The students have started moving northeast, toward Campus France center. The protesters are displaying banners saying “Our solidarity with foreigners,” “Same education — same rules” and “No, no, no to higher university fees.”– Sputnik

Some of the participants are wearing yellow vests to show their solidarity with protesters that have been rallying across France for the past few weeks. The demonstration has remained peaceful, with no incidents reported so far.

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced in late November that France would raise university fees for students coming from outside the European Union. According to new rules, non-EU citizens will have to pay 2,770 euros ($3,150) for Bachelor’s program per year starting from September 2019, while Master’s and Doctorate programs will be as expensive as 3,700 euros — which is an up to 1,500 percent increase compared to current fees.