MOSCOW - A lead activist of the French anti-fuel tax movement said Thursday that demonstrations would go ahead this weekend until all their demands are met.

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux urged “yellow vests” protesters to call off this Saturday’s rally after President Emmanuel Macron’s policy U-turn. He said authorities were not banning it yet.

“We, ‘gilets jaunes,’ demand a deep cut to taxes on essentials: energy, housing, food, clothes … and a significant cut to salaries, privileges, current and future pensions of senior state officials,” Priscillia Ludosky was quoted as saying by France Info at a press briefing in Versailles.

The French government has scrapped a planned hike in diesel taxes, which forced motorists to take to the streets last month, giving rise to a protest movement identified by fluorescent vests, their garment of choice.

But the yellow vests have now morphed into a broader protest against government policies and rising living costs. This Monday, Macron promised to increase the minimum wage and cancel tax on low-income pensioners, among other measures, which many protesters say is not enough.