LOS ANGELES-Daisy Ridley says people around her have ‘’changed’’ since she found fame.

The 27-year-old actress has claimed that since finding fame as Rey in the recent trilogy of ‘Star Wars’ movies, people no longer know ‘’what to say’’ to her, and has lamented the fact that some of her family members now treat her differently because of her film star status. When asked what surprised her the most about fame, she said: ‘’Matt Damon said that often it’s not you that changes, it’s the people around you, and I’ve noticed that. It’s other people who don’t quite know how to be. It’s difficult to navigate when friends and family who have seen you grow up suddenly don’t know what to say to you. That’s hard. Because I don’t think I’m a big arsehole now, I’m just happy to be working.’’

But being a star does come with its advantages, as Daisy noted that she recently had two ‘’very nice gentlemen’’ pay for her meal.

She added: ‘’Yesterday I went for tea at Claridge’s with my friend and I went to pay the bill and these very nice gentlemen had already paid. They weren’t hitting on us, I think they were gay. And then today my hairdresser said, ‘It’s because you’re in a film.’ ‘’

Daisy still isn’t used to being recognised in public, and finds it ‘’really uncomfortable’’ when people approach her in the street.