LOS ANGELES-Florence Pugh finds social media ‘’terrifying’’.

The 23-year-old actress has said she is concerned about the ‘’negative’’ impact social media can have on young people, as she says her 16-year-old sister is affected by sites like Twitter and Instagram at ‘’every stage of the day’’. She said: ‘’I have a sister who’s seven years younger than me and it’s made me acutely aware of the negatives of social media. The impact it has on her life at every stage of the day is unbelievable. ‘’The idea that life doesn’t stop when school ends, it continues into the night and your issues continue too, is awful. I’d hate growing up like that. Seeing that has made me more conscious of everyone’s constant impulse to have whatever is on their phone so I try not to add to that as much as I can. It’s pretty gross at times, right? Everybody has an impact because everyone is adopting a pretend persona on Insta and it’s terrifying. The problem is that social media is based around insecurity and it wouldn’t work unless everyone is insecure.’’ Florence doesn’t consider herself to be insecure about her body, and says she managed to ‘’overcome’’ her ‘’issues with [her] body’’ at an early age, after she was told to lose weight for a film role.