ISLAMABAD            -           Prime Minister Imran Khan has felicitated the British counterpart Boris Johnson for his success in the British general elections.

In a tweet, Imran Khan also wished to working with him and continuing the cooperation between the two countries. Johnson won a resounding election victory on Friday that will allow him to end three years of political paralysis and take Britain out of the European Union by January 31.

The Johnson-led Conservative party secured a sweeping victory, winning more than 360 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, the party’s largest majority since under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s. The result handed Johnson his first national election victory but also delivered a dramatic blow to his main competitor, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, whose Labour Party suffered heavy losses.

Prime Minister had expressed hope earlier in July after Johnson appointment as the United Kingdom’s new prime minister that under his leadership, the relations between Pakistan and UK will flourish.


Prime Minister Imran Khan also telephoned his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau and felicitated him on his party’s success in the recent general elections and forming the government for the next term.

Imran said under the leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau, the relationship between Pakistan and Canada would be further broadened, said a PM Office press release. He apprised the Canadian prime minister of the latest developments in the Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the dire human rights and humanitarian situation there. Imran underlined the need for the immediate removal of the lockdown and other restrictions in place for over four months, defusing tensions in the region, and peaceful resolution of the dispute.