With the opening of Kartarpur Corridor, Government of Pakistan did not only exude its magnanimity, love, broadmindedness and brotherhood to Sikh community across the world, especially from India, but it also exhibited to entire world that how religious minorities are held in high esteem here. In Pakistan, people are completely free to go to their churches, temples and other religious places for worship without any let or hindrance.

In a historic Kartarpur Opening Ceremony, while addressing to a large number of Sikh devotees flocked together to commemorate the 550th anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak Sahib, PM Khan asked Modi to shun the politics of hatred to get votes and fight collectively against poverty for the betterment of the people of subcontinent.

Though on the one hand Pakistan practically hails the Sikh community with warm welcome and open arms; on the other, with 9, 00,000 troops, the Indian hardliner government has subjugated and subjected the innocent Kashmiri Muslims to inhuman treatment and cruelty, who are just demanding the right of their self-determination and freedom. And sadly, the state of world’s so-called largest democracy is that it even denies Kashmiri Muslims to observe Friday prayer in Indian Occupied Kashmir. In the meantime, Indian Supreme Court, under the duress of hidebound Hindutava government, gave a shocking verdict in Babri Mosque Case where Hindu was allowed to build the temple on disputed land, mosque on alternate land.

As the parochial government of Modi will never show any flexibility, it is a sole responsibility of UNO and other global powers to take stock of the developments in both countries and play their due role in resolving all outstanding issues between India and Pakistan, including Kashmir problem being bone of contention between both nation through peaceful dialogue for regional prosperity and stability.