ISLAMABAD                -           Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) on Friday made Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser to adjourn the house proceedings over quorum issue.

PML-N senior member Khurram Dastagir, soon after the question-hour session, cautioned the chair for disposing of further agenda by pointing out lack of quorum in the house.

The Speaker did not ask for counting the members present in the house but immediately adjourned the proceedings.

The house with the start of the proceedings witnessed very thin presence in the house from both sides of aisle. PPP-P’s MNAs, due to their party’s engagement, did not attend the proceedings till the suspension of the house.

Earlier, the house saw verbal brawl between the lawmakers of government and opposition during the question hour. PML-N’s Mariyam Orangzeb was much annoyed when the chair asked her to only raise a question not deliver speech.

Organzeb also shouted on PTI MNA Asma Qadeer when she was interrupted by her for raising a question.

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The speaker national assembly rushed to cool down the situation and asked the lawmakers from both sides to avoid indulging in verbal brawl. “All MNAs should avoid point scoring and ask particular question,” said the speaker.

The PML-N MNA also raised an objection when Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhmmad Khan was giving a detailed reply of a question.

The minister said the government believes in free flow of information. “The PTI government guarantees right to freedom of expression to all, as it has never banned freedom of expression,” he said, responding to a question.

“We always welcome healthy criticism from media,” he said mentioning that the incumbent government expects self-regulation by the media and believes in persuasive approach to implement code of ethics and conduct.

The government is in the process of finalizing Journalist Welfare and Protection Bill, 2019 to ensure safety and security of journalists and their families, he said.

He further said the government is providing financial assistance to the deceased journalists’ families in education and healthcare.

The minister further said that PTV has become a profitable institution. The state TV has earned a profit 350 million rupees during the last fiscal year, he said.

To a question, Parliamentary Secretary for Federal Education and Professional Training Wajiha Akram said that 50,000 youth belonging to less developed areas will be provided technical hands-on skills.