Unnamed sources and a member of the polio eradication programme told that the P2 virus has been found in Pakistan. Furthermore, Pakistan only uses P1 and P3 vaccines since P2 virus had been thought to be eradicated in 2014.The special assistant to the prime minister on health issued a statement that there has been seven confirmed cases of P2 virus across the country. Moreover, Pakistan is yet to be declared polio-free. In 2017,eight cases were recorded in the country while the numbers increased to 12 in 2018.This year the figures have jumped to 80 cases. The polio cases are increasing after each passing day. If the situation remains the same, we can never declare ourselves polio-free. I urge the concern authorities to conduct more and more awareness campaigns in order to make people aware about the importance of polio drops. The government is requested to catch the people who do negative propaganda against the polio workers and they must be awarded exemplary punishments.