Was so pleased to hear this news that, A Thailand supermarket came up with a genius way to reduce plastic packaging: wrap its produce in banana leaves instead.Of the 9 billion tonnes of plastic ever produced, only 9% has been recycled. This, along with projections of rapidly increased plastic manufacturing, has led to global attention to single-use plastics. The use of banana leaves instead of plastic for packaging vegetables is a great way to reduce single-use plastic. While it looks like they use some plastic for adhering the label, this method significantly reduces the amount of plastic required. They are simply wrapped in a banana leaf and secured using a flexible piece of bamboo. Banana leaves are a great alternative to plastic as the leaf is large, thick and supple enough to be folded.

I was so impressed with the use of banana leaves as a substitute for plastic packaging and wanted to raise awareness to inspire others to follow. Hearing that nearby countries are also doing the s is very positive and is evidence of hope that enough people care in order for change to take place.