A couple of week ago there was a story regarding Karachi University hostels. It has encouraged me to share my story with your readers. We live in DOW University girls' hostel, which is run by VC's wife, his sister-in-law and a cousin who is also the principal of a college here. They began by increasing room charges from Rs. 1000 per month to Rs. 2000/month plus if you keep a microwave, an additional Rs. 1000/month and Rs. 500/month for fridge or TV and Rs. 500 for other electrical appliances like an iron. At night, the mess is closed and should you need tea or wish to warm your food, you have to buy it from the canteen owned by the VC's wife. This hostel is a goldmine for the VC and his family from which they make money from everything. The VC's wife is also incharge of the admission cell and she makes money from admission too. -A HELPLESS STUDENT, Karachi, via e-mail, February 8.