ISLAMABAD " Pakistan on Friday asked India to "come clean" about those on its soil involved in the Mumbai attacks and expose the names of such persons and entities. "Pakistan expects India to come clean on the multiple facets of the Mumbai tragedy and expose the names of persons and entities in India who were also responsible for acts of commission and omission in a transparent manner," said the Foreign Office spokesman, Abdul Basit, in his reaction to the statement by Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee at Lok Sabha. He also warned that the reality of Mumbai attacks was increasingly getting mixed with compulsions of domestic politics in India. Mukherjee told Lok Sabha, a day after Pakistan's response to the Indian dossier: "Authorities in Pakistan have to choose the kind of relationship that they want with India in future; much depends on actions in the Mumbai case reaching their logical conclusion." He said that India would continue to review the situation including Pakistan's responses and would take further steps that it deemed necessary to protect the Indian people. Pakistani spokesman said Pakistan had so far refrained from commenting on Indian internal affairs. "We have acted with a high sense of responsibility and exercised restraint," he said. "Mukherjee's remarks are essentially a rehash of the standard Indian line against Pakistan and in complete variance with the imperatives of a serious approach to uncover the full facts relating to Mumbai attacks and bringing the perpetrators to justice," he said. He said, "We have a distinct sense that the reality of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, which were whole-heartedly condemned by the international community and Pakistan, is getting increasingly mixed with compulsions of domestic politics in India." He said Pakistan had offered India a hand of cooperation. "We do so in the interest of regional peace and security," he added.