M. K Sial in his letter on January 27talks of Kalabagh dam and the Indus delta in the same breath. Could he please explain how the dam would have any adverse effect on the delta when it would actually release 2.2 million acre feet of additional water in the Indus river? The Chashma-Jehlum canal is feeding Bahawal canal to irrigate the lands in command areas of the dried up Ravi under the 'Replacement Plan' of the Indus Water Treaty. Let Mr. Sial go to southern Punjab, the home of PM Gilani, and say there he wants the canal shut down. He mentions A.N.G. Abbasi committee's minority report of two members, but not the majority report of the same committee of seven members - 2 from Punjab, 2 from NWFP, 2 from Balochistan, 1 from Sindh. If the Sindh engineers are sitting in Lahore, is that any fault of Punjab? Under the Water Apportionment Accord of 1991, Sindh was to get the same share as that of Punjab but only from future storages. Sindh is a signatory to the accord that clearly states, "All provinces are agreed on the necessity of more dams on all rivers including on the Indus". He says Punjab is not allowing 10 maf to flow below Kotri. Actually about 20 maf is flowing to sea in the three flood months. It is only by storing the allocated water in dams and releasing it gradually that we can provide the water to replenish the Indus delta. Tarbela dam alone cannot do that. -KHURSHID ANWER, Lahore, via e-mail, January 27.