LAHORE - Reacting to the statement of Chairperson Senate Foreign Relations Committee Dianne Feinstein that US drones were being flown from airbases inside Pakistan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has expressed dismay at the manner in which the Government of Pakistan both present and previous, have lied to their people. In a statement issued here on Friday, the PTI chief said it was shameful for the government of Pakistan, adding the government has even lied to the Parliament. "Once again President Zardari and the government headed by Prime Minister Gilani have chosen to not only aid and abet in the killing of innocent Pakistanis, but have opted to treat Parliament not as a sovereign elected body but merely as a rubber stamp to be used and ignored at will", he said. According to Imran Khan, the deceit of this government over the drone issue reflects their disregard for truth and Pakistani lives as well as their innate hypocrisy given their public declarations of the negative impact of these Predator attacks, especially in terms of rising extremism. Clearly this government has zero credibility, he said. Imran demanded the Parliament to take serious note of this deliberate deceit and lying and immediately initiate a probe. After all, it is the right of every citizen to demand that Parliament, on which vast amounts of the poor hapless tax payers' money is spent, at least ensure that Pakistani lives are protected by the state, not made vulnerable, he stated. He said that Parliament should note that the drone attacks and what is euphemistically called their "collateral damage" is in fact extra judicial killings and therefore in contravention of Article 4 of the Constitution. In the light of these revelations, it is responsibility of the Parliament to demand the govt to seek back control of all its bases and other facilities given to the US government and its intelligence agencies, the PTI Chief stressed.