LAHORE- Lawyers in the city Friday felt India mounting pressure on Pakistan on the Mumbai issue after Islamabad has conceded to the former's version without dilating upon very vital links and details of the incident. Every lawyer shared a common view that Pakistan has admitted the Mumbai incident under American pressure passed on to it through the US enjoy in his recent visit. Pakistani authorities acted unwisely and haphazardly in the matter as a few days ago it was asking for additional material from India but at once it has owned up the incident, said former Member Punjab Bar Council Atir Mahmood blaming Interior Ministry for not acting properly in view of the larger interest of the country but succumbing to the US pressure. Former Vice President LHCBA, Miss Firdaus Butt said, repelling public aspirations our rulers did not want to come out of the American pressure for the reason they came to power through the approval this power. She blamed the rulers for serving for US interests for reason, she added, they cannot take a different line than what suits to this world power. At present, she said, Pakistan was required to be subdued and humbled so it has been done through forcing it to accept the Mumbai incident when very vital questions regarding Investigator Kurkaray killing and how the attackers spent nine days in Mumbai and who provided for them are unanswered. But our authorities jumped to take the responsibility on themselves which was nothing but to invite more and more pressure now from Indian side to them, she added. Miss Butt was surprised that our investigating agencies were so quick and prompt to trace out the alleged perpetrators of Mumbai attack but they never rose to occasion to show the same agility to know and apprehend the men behind Marriot killings and arson, suicide attacks and bombs blasts and top of all, the most high profile murder of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto for which the government has sought help from the United Nations. She said by accepting the charges Pakistan has also provided excuse to India not to go for a joint investigation into the matter and thereby had shielded the underworld of Mumbai the most probable abetter in the attack. Former Finance Secretary of the Bar, Mian Irfan Akram has found inefficiency of the Pakistan authorities and said, they have not taken into account the international repercussions and the Indian design in this whole game before accepting the charges. Now the noose would be tightened around Pakistan by India and it would not miss any opportunity to ride on it the similar way US has been doing, he viewed adding, the possibility cannot be ruled out the enemy would attempt to dub us a terrorist nation to weaken us to the point of failing us economically and diplomatically. He said putting aside Kashmir issue and getting hold of Pakistan nuclear arsenal are the target India and America are after at present and for that they would not let Pakistan come out of pressure. Asad Bokhari advocate taking a different view said, Pakistan has acted very tactfully by throwing the ball into Indian court by seeking answer from it to 30 questions on the incident. He said Mumbia attack was an Indian government stunt which it played to win election and after Pakistan has responded to it, the dust will begin to settle down. Waseem Butt fears more pressure coming to Pakistan saying, Pakistan should have insisted on joint investigation so that it could also have access to Ajmal Kasab and other material evidence to fathom the truth. Senior advocate Kanwar Riaz has termed Adviser on Interior Rahman Malik an incompetent person who even failed to protect Benazir Bhutto and even remained ignorant for long time after she had been assassinated on December 27, 2007. Mian Irfan, Waseem Butt and Miss Butt had the same view that the present wave is a reaction to the double standard of America with UN standing with it. They said Israel killed scores of innocent Palestinians but nobody called it to question for America was backing it. The same power pattern, they said, is being set for other Muslim countries particularly Pakistan, whose nuclear capability is an eye sore of the West and India. All the lawyers has consensus that the country is in a dire need of a sincere, loyal and intelligent leadership to understand what is being designed against the nation and how to counter it to keep the national interest ahead of all.