ISLAMABAD - Despite heavy downpour, the markets of the twin cities remained occupied with 'Valentinos' on the night prior to Valentines Day, TheNation witnessed. Jinnah Super, Super Market, F-10 Markaz and Commercial Market were the focal points of couples as well as families. From youngsters to elder ones, a considerable number of masses had turned up to enjoy the weather in the wake of Valentines night celebrations. The shopkeepers had set up separate stalls containing gifts, flowers and other sellable items pertaining to the celebrations besides decorating their shops to attract customers. The flower markets at the aforementioned venues were crowded with the customers who were buying flowers for their loved ones, amid heavy rain. However, the customers deplored that they were being fleeced by the flower vendors, who were charging them at will. "A rose stick that ordinarily costs Rs10 is being sold at rupees hundred. This is just too much," stated Mrs. Usman at F-7 Flower Market. "I've come here with my husband to celebrate first Valentines Day, after our marriage. It's just amazing," she added. Usman, her husband, said that the celebrations of Valentines Day amid heavy downpour simply added to its beauty. Besides flowers, the list of other most sold items contained chocolates, cookies, red ribbons, teddy bears, friendship bracelets, and bouquets. Gift items ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 5000 were being sold in the markets. "It would have been much better if these guys were selling the Valentine stuff at reasonable rates," said Sumera, while purchasing gifts for her fiancT. On the other hand, the shopkeepers said, " This day comes only once a year and creates earning opportunities for us and we try to earn maximum." Some visitors opined that celebrating Valentines Day was wastage of time and money. "This is simply absurd, there are no provisions in our culture and religion that approve of any such event," said Kaleem-ud-Din at Commercial Market. However, a considerable number of youngsters recorded their verdict in favour of Valentines Day. "I think it's a light entertainment that aims at enjoying and promoting happiness. Such kind of occasions should be held occasionally," said Mustafa, a university student, while his friends concurred to him. "In this hectic life, arranging such occasions are a great source of amusement," they opined.