The Northern Bypass connecting Mauripur with the Super Highway is considered to be a fast track despite being the busiest road of Karachi that is used for transporting merchandise loaded directly from the port, as well as from the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate. For the last many days, however, this important highway has become a haven for dacoits and robbers who rule the roost on the road section between Sohrab Goth and Mauripur. They usually snatch away whole vehicles laden with goods in broad daylight and do so with impunity. As reported the other day, about seven of them stopped a long-vehicle, no. TLK-179 that was hooked up with a container full of life-saving drugs and some household goods worth Rs15 million. The consignment was on its way upcountry. After seizing the vehicle, they roped its inmates and took away the vehicle along with the merchandise. The container was later found empty at some distance from the toll plaza on the Super Highway. I fail to understand where the law-enforcement agencies, police as well as Rangers, were gone all this while? . If such an important freeway that passes through country's principal port and city cannot be made secure from robbers, what hope there is for the unkempt, meandering roads up country? -SHAFQAAT HUSSAIN QURESHI, Hyderabad, via e-mail, January 30.