Multan - The make and break politics is picking up before general elections in Multan as another PML-Q leader—former Tehsil Nazim Syed Abbas Akbar alias Moni Shah defected his party and joined PML-N here on Wednesday.

“I’ve got a bone to pick with PML-Q leadership. They’ve made a deal with the party that has been branding us Qatil League since long,” he lamented while addressing a news conference here at his residence. He declared that he joined PML-N as a worker unconditionally and he would accept all decisions made by the party. He said that he got 22 thousand votes despite an alliance of Gillanis and Qureshis against him and the martyrdom of Benazir Bhutto. “But our leadership sold us out to the PPP,” he added. 

He said that being Sajjada Nasheen of Sher Shah Darbar, he advised his followers to play active role for strengthening PML-N. He said that he would accept whatever decision the party would make on tickets.

PML-N MNA Shaheen Shafiq, district president Bilal Butt, General Secretary Athar Mumtaz and other local leaders were also present on the occasion. Talking to the journalists, they said that it was just a trailor and many other big names would soon announce joining PML-N.