LAHORE – Ghayas Abdullah Paracha, the Chairman of All Pakistan CNG Association on Wednesday said that Punjab was the only victim of artificial CNG crisis and gas theft and mismanagement as a result of wrong policies of federal government.

Speaking at a forum jointly conducted by TheNation, Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt News TV on gas shortage at Aiwan-e-Waqt, Paracha regretted that the government was not considering the Association’s suggestions to address the issue.

The CNG Association Punjab chapter Chairman Captain (R) Raja Shuja, The Association Lahore region Chairman Samiud Din, Consumers’ Association of Pakistan Punjab region Chairman Arif Ansari and Vice-chairman Syed Sajid Shamsi were the other speakers while Saifullah Sipra, in-charge Aiwan-e-Waqt was the moderator.

“Among four billion cubic feet per day gas (BCFD), only three billion is in the system while the rest is either being stolen or given to powerful consumers without any check and balance,” claimed Ghayas Abdullah. He added that CNG sector was getting gas on high price from the government while the sectors have alternate fuel arrangements. Saying that the Association forwarded suggestions to Petroleum and Natural Resources Ministry to solve the issue within six month, Paracha held that the government did not bother to consider them. He demanded for four days a week gas supply to CNG outlets as weather was turning hot and supply situation was improved.

Raja Shuja criticised federal policies on gas distribution and said the SNGPL should be authorised to prepared plan of gas distribution among different consumers and according to the agreements. He said that the CNG sector had full year supply agreement with the SNGPL and industry had nine month contract which were both violated.

He said that Samiud Din claimed that by controlling the two percent gas theft from the existing 20pc in the SNGPL and SCGC’s networks is the need of CNG sectors would be met and around 4m vehicles could be easily provided gas. Despite the stay orders of civil courts to provide relief to CNG consumers, the SNGPL in connivance with police disconnected gas supply to the outlets.  The Consumers’ Association representatives said the masses were suffering due to CNG crisis. Sajid Shamsi demanded of the govt for uninterrupted gas supply to CNG sector.