As senior concerned bloody civilian citizens I would like to request all Army retired generals, to stop throwing mud at each other in public or on TV talk shows. They should know they are doing tremendous harm to their institution and making Pakistan a laughing stock in the world. They should know that the country has given them so much that no other developing country has given to their army officers.

Why do they have to settle their personal grudges in public. It is unfortunate that number of generals suffers from baffling degree of superiority complex and they hate the new generals. The Pakistan army is the guardian of the country and its territorial integrity. Every army officer and soldier is under oath to protect the secrets of the country.

What purpose will it serve to disclose secrets after ten years about Kargil, when every thoughtful Pakistani already knows about it? Why the generals don’t show any moral courage to resign while in uniform, when they realize that few other generals are indulging in anti-state activities? I suggest that it is time to reform the command structure of the Army and its code of conduct for retired officers. The retired army officers instead of exposing follies of fellow officers should work for the betterment of the country. Unfortunately our politicians, generals, judges, civil bureaucrats are champion hypocrites.


Lahore, February 1.