ISLAMABAD - Central Selection Board (CSB) during his third consecutive sitting here on Wednesday considered promotions of officers of Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), Secretariat Group and Pakistan Administrative Services (PAS) and recommended around 67 PSP officers for promotion from BS (basic scale)-20 and BS-21.

The board met for the third consecutive day under the chair of Chairman Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Malik Asif Hayat and also took under its consideration the promotions for officers of Capital Administration and Development Division (CAAD) and Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

According to some unconfirmed reports, CSB recommended PSP officers including Wasal Fakhr Sultan, Mohammad Amin Yousafzai, Akhtar Umer Lalika and Manzoor Sarwar Chaudhry for promotion from Bs-19 to Bs-20 and S M Qadri, Ahmed Raza Tahir, Sohail Khan and Dr Tariq Ahmed Khokar from Bs-20 to Bs-21.

The board during the last three days recommended promotions, from BS-19 to BS-20 and similarly BS-20 to BS-21, of about 450 officers and more than total 500 cases of promotions came under its discussion. CSB discussed promotions of officers of PAS, PSP, Foreign Service, Information Group, Audit & Accounts, Customs, Inland Revenue, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Commerce & Trade, Secretariat Group, Post Services, Federal Directorate of Education, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) and Polyclinic Hospital.. It also considered promotion for officers of Ministry of Water and Power, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Housing and Works, Intelligence Bureau (IB), FIA and other ministries and divisions as well.