ISLAMABAD - Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s (February 13, 1911 to November 20, 1984) birth anniversary was marked on Wednesday and his admirers and fellows recalled their memories of privileged time spent with him.

Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) had arranged the event. Senator Aitzaz Ahsan sharing moments he spent with Faiz said, Faiz was a dervish and gautama and his poetry was beautiful mixture of revolution and romance. Like his personality his poetry was also full of beauty and grace. He was against the class system of the society and maintained his stance throughout his life but he never spoke anything bad to anyone.

Atta-ul-Haq Qasmi said that Faiz Ahmed Faiz was very concerned over the unprivileged sections of society and his is poetry is full of the mentioning of this class. He further added that poetry purifies and sublimates of emotions and this is what Faiz’s poetry did.  He projected a soft image of socialism before the world.  Iftikhar Arif while commenting on Faiz said Fiaz Ahmed Faiz enjoys the status of a legend in our cultural life. In literary circles he is known as a man of principle and ideology but he was also a patriot and loyal to the ideology of Pakistan. Faiz not only fulfills the standards of our poetry aesthetics but also succeeds in maintaining intellectual depth in his poetry.

He said Faiz is rated among the progressive poets and his stature is not less than Pablo Neruda. He said no Muslim poet wrote about the Palestinian movement the way Faiz supported and portrayed it.

Abdul Hameed said Faiz Ahmed Faiz is our literary asset and an honor for Pakistan.  He further said that it is the tradition of PAL to celebrate such important days and take lead in acknowledging the services of literary giants. Such programs are being also organised at provincial level by PAL’s provincial offices.

Prof. Yusuf Hassan said political and social services of Faiz are various but we need to focus more on the understanding of his poetic aesthetics. Artistic research from the point of view of progressivism is a result of specific approach an ideology. Faiz’s poetry reflects the concept of the recognition of the human self.  Agha Nasir said Faiz was a man of character and never bothered to respond back to his opponents and critics. Neither ever he complained about miseries of his life. He was patriot in the true sense of the word and his poetry can be termed as poetry of nationalism as well.

Dr. Ravish Nadeem added that Faiz gives people the confidence that they can attain all happiness if they trust on their own resources. In his poetic republic he gives a high status to common people and makes a connection with people irrespective of their religion, cast, language, color etc.

Hassan Abbas Raza and Masood Iqbal Hashmi also spoke on the event. Dr. Nisar Turabi presented poetic tribute to the poet. Poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz was also sung by Ayesha Imdad, a student.