ISLAMABAD - Punjab Forensic Science Agency on Wednesday revealed that forensic experts found another DNA from the crime scene in connection with Kamran Faisal’s death case.

The mind-boggling revelation made by none other than the country’s modern and sophisticated Forensic Science Agency has raised many eyebrows throughout the country, especially in the power corridors. “Whom DNA was found from the crime scene is the million-dollar question that can be helpful to lead the investigators to know what happened to NAB investigator who was found dead in his living room last month.

The revelation was made in a report of Punjab Forensic Science Agency that was handed over to Islamabad Capital Territory police on Wednesday, credible sources told TheNation.

“Yes, we have received the report. However, I’m sorry, we cannot make it public,” a police officer confirmed on Wednesday.

Mystery surrounding death of Kamran Faisal further deepened on Wednesday following revelation of Punjab Forensic Science Agency. Although Islamabad Capital Territory police did not reveal contents of report, however, official sources told TheNation that report clearly stated that Kamran Faisal was subjected to torture before the death.

The report, finalised by country’s well reputed forensic lab contradicted the claims of post mortem and chemical reports that earlier revealed there were no sign of torture on Kamran Faisal’s dead body.

The forensic report which the officials of PFA forwarded to Islamabad police on Wednesday consists of six parts, compiled by six departments of the agency including Pathology, Toxicology and others.

According to the report, PFSA could found to evidence of Kamran being addict to use tranquilisers. It was alleged by certain quarters that Kamran Faisal being a patient of depression, was using tranquilizers.

The forensic report compiled by Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory further revealed that the biologists found no traces of narcotics from the Kamran’s body parts.  Hence, the report rejected any possibility of giving Kamran narcotics was also rejected.

Off-the record conversation with police officials revealed that Islamabad police was in a no mood to accept forensic report compiled by PFSA. Rather, they were waiting for another forensic report being compiled by the Forensic Laboratory in United Kingdom.

“ We are waiting for the forensic report being compiled by an international Forensic Science Laboratory. Wait until we receive it,” an investigator of Islamabad police told TheNation on Wednesday.

It is important to mention here that Islamabad capital territory police on 9 February 2013 sent 6 samples of dead body of Kamran Faisal, a NAB officer to international forensic laboratory for forensic test.