Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) President Nawaz Sharif Thursday lashing out at President Zardari vowed to end “Dakko Raj” (Dacoit’s Rule) from the country with support of people of Sindh.

Addressing a public gathering in Larkana, former Prime Minister said that he was seeing a change in the thinking of people of Sindh and with the support of people; the country would get rid of looters.

Thanking to Mumtaz Bhutto for inviting him to address huge rally here, Nawaz said people of Sindh and rest of the country were fed up with the current government which enjoying rule for five years had done nothing for the betterment of people who were suffering with many challenges and hardships.

PML-N chief said if Zardari government would have established colleges, universities and educational institutes, the youth of Sindh would hold degrees and would have better jobs and bright future.

He vowed that he would keep coming to help his “Sindhi brothers” as he had done in the past. Sharif lashed out at the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) government, stating that the current ministers had nothing to do with the ideology of the party or Benazir Bhutto. “I wonder where BB’s party has gone.”

’The government has failed to arrest the assassins of leader of their party Benazir Bhutto,’ he added. ‘Arresting her killers should be the top priority of the government.’

He said that Zardari looted people’s wealth and stashed in Swiss banks. Nawaz vowed that he would bring the killers of Benazir Bhutto behind the bars.

He regretted that there is lawlessness in the country while during his tenure, he had eliminated the dacoits in three months and if given chance, they would eradicate this menace again.

Nawaz said he would resume peace in Karachi and Balochistan if people choose him for their services added that he would end the extortion, target killing, unrest from the financial hub of the country.

He vowed to link Larkana with Motorways system.