A vicious situation has developed on the status of new dams being planned for the past four decades without any tangible progress. The dams located in Azad Kashmir and northern areas like the Bhasha Dam, Bunji Dam and Akhori Dam for water storage and power generation are bound by a NOC from India, being located in a disputed area as per definition of India and as such do not qualify for any funding by World Bank, IMF and ADB. This seals their fate destined for a moribund situation or at a snail’s pace progress.

On the other hand, the dams on our rivers on the Indian side have no such riders as NOC from Pakistan and the Indians go on building scores of dams at hectic speed. The only mega hydroelectric dam that lies in Pakistan territory is Kalabagh Dam for which the World Bank can finance but due to lack of provincial consensus no progress has been made. This is a terrible situation that is keeping our economy as hostage to Indian designs and our provincial discord in building a dam that needs to be resolved soon to rescue us from a dismal future.


Lahore, February 11.