ISLAMABAD - With the MQM making informal contact to woo PML-N leadership for a future alliance, the latter has given a cold shoulder to MQM's offer and vowing to forge a 'united front' to defeat both the ruling parties of Sindh (PPP and MQM).

MQM using informal channel has conveyed a message for future alliance on 'quid pro quo' basis that they would support PML-N in Sindh and the same favor would expect in Punjab, MQM sources told TheNation on Wednesday.

MQM floated this offer to produce a conducive environment for a possible future alliance to make future coalition governments but so far received cold shoulder on their proposal, said a source desiring anonymity.

With an aim to strengthen its party on Punjab level, the source said, MQM members have argued that the PML-N would have an appropriate status in Sindh after joining with them as MQM has over 50 MPs in the house of 162 total members. "PML-N leadership has not given much value to this proposal and stick to their old stance on this issue," he said. The sources in PML-N said that the MQM's offer was strongly rejected by Sindh chapter of the party stating that the party would lose confidence of the Sindhi nationalist parties as well as of the PML-F and other stakeholders if it joins hand with MQM.

They said that party stalwart also argued not to give place MQM in Punjab for this cause as it could be unfavorable in future. When contacted, PML-N central leader Pervaiz Rashid said they would not forge an alliance with MQM in future rather defeat Muttahida in coming election 2013. "PML-N will forge 'united front' to defeat both the ruling parties of Sindh (PPP and MQM)," he said, adding that how could they provide roots to MQM in Punjab as worse law and order situation of Karachi is already before all.

"Murders, kidnapping, dacoities and other crimes are on its peak in Karachi and this is the performance of this party which is currently enjoying strength and government in Sindh," PML-N leader maintained. He further said if elections would be held in free, fair and transparent manner than they would defeat both of the parties (MQM and PPP).

It would not be out of place to mention here Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif recently had announced that his party will make alliance with political parties of Sindh other than Pakistan People's Party (PPP) to uplift the province. It is also worth mentioning here that MQM, in July 2011, when opted to sit on opposition benches for a short period and had successfully established contacts with PML-N.

A joint statement was also issued their joint opposition would be within the parameters of the constitution and law. Senator Ishaq Dar, had a meeting with MQM top leader Farooq Sattar, led the four-member PML-N delegation at the negotiations.