WAZIRABAD - PTI candidate for NA-101 Adnan Sarwar Cheema has said that the upcoming general elections will be the last chance to bring about a change in the country and rid the people of the feudal lards and corrupt system.

Talking to the media at his camp office here the other day, he said that corruption and the wrong policies of the rulers had hollowed the foundation of the country.

“PTI is fighting for the rights of people. The country is moving towards destruction but the rulers are not paying any heed to the situation and instead were struggling for their personal gains and to prolong their stay in the power. The PPP and its allies have set new records of looting and plunder in the country in the name of democracy and conciliation,” he said.

Cheema said that he would contest the upcoming general elections and had completed first phase of mass contact campaign. He claimed that political achievements of Maj Ghulam Haider Cheema (his late grand father) and Col Ghulam Sarwar Cheema (his late father) would benefit him in the elections.

He claimed that the tsunami of change would sweep away plunderers of the national wealth, feudal lords and the discriminatory system.

He criticised the both the ruling parties, alleging that both the parties leaderships didn’t know the pulse of the masses. He pointed out that both Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari were equally responsible for the economic slaughter of people.

He said that Nawaz-Zardari alliance had been continued for the past five years and they had done nothing for the poor. The PTI leader said that even all government parties could not stop the tsunami of change and people now know the real faces of both Nawaz and Zardari and they can no more hoodwink the public through their fake fight. He said that the youth were the real ambassadors of the change process.