ISLAMABAD - Political parties, which were apparently supporting Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri’s stance on Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), now have disassociated themselves from Qadri’s move of knocking Supreme Court’s door for the dissolution of EC.

Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) and Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) have termed Qadri’s decision to knock the court’s door against EC, his personal decision and said that they were never party in the case. Different parliamentarians from different parties also condemned Qadri’s abusive language that he used against the court after losing his case.

Senator Kamil Ali Agha, when approached for his comments on the court’s decision against Qadri, said that PML-Q was not the party in the case but it has reservations regarding the members of EC. He said that his party never followed Dr Tahir ul Qadri as a leader and just helped the government conduct talks with Qadri during his sit-in in Islamabad.

He said that his party had yet not decided about the further line of action about their reservation regarding Election Commission but whatever it decides, it has nothing to do with Dr Qadri as that would be the independent decision of the party.

Central Secretary General Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Dr Arif Alvi also disassociated his party from any move of Qadri. He said that his party had reservations on Election Commission of Pakistan but never had demanded to remove any member of the commission. He also said that Supreme Court was a dignified institution and he personally and his party always respected its decision.

Another senior politician while talking to this scribe said that Qadri at last had to lose support for being a non-state actor and his agenda was also unclear. A few weeks back he landed in the country and immediately started all his show including the long march and sit in D-Chowk Islamabad, he said.

As far as Pakistan Muslim League-N was concerned it was already against Qadri for his untimely mess created in the country.

 The PML-N always considered Qadri’s move a try to delay elections in the country and they were also convinced that he was not playing all this game on his own but someone was behind him.

Sources in Pakistan People’s Party on the condition of anonymity said that PPP never accepted the demand of Dr Qadri for the dissolution of EC but it was forced by its allies MQM and particularly PML-Q to conduct talks with Qadri.

It is worth mentioning here that PML-Q denies any support for Qadri but the sources said that Ch Shujaat had a very soft corner for Dr Qadri and he had attached many hopes with the Canadian National Qadri including political help in the coming elections.