LONDON - Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf telephoned MQM chief Altaf Hussain on Wednesday and inquired about his well-being. Hussain thanked the premier, and told him he was feeling well now.

Later, both the leaders exchanged views on the formation of caretaker government, the law and order situation and the overall political situation in the country. Regarding the caretaker set-up, Ashraf told the MQM chief he would soon write a formal letter to the opposition leader in the National Assembly. He said that consultations would also be held with the allied parties before finalising the name of the caretaker prime minister. He said the issue would be resolved with consensus and steps would be taken for making the general elections fair and transparent.

Hussain said to the prime minister, “We all want fair and transparent elections.” The election commission should also be impartial and honest, so that no one might point a finger towards it, he added.

Hussain also took up the issue of terrorism in Karachi and other cities of the country, and called for effective steps to overcome the problem. He said the strength of the police force in the country was not in proportion to the increasing population, and stressed it should be increased on an emergency basis in order to curb terrorism. He said the police force should be equipped with latest equipment, weapons and vehicles to fight terrorism effectively. Raja Ashraf seconded the views of Hussain, and reiterated the position of the government.

 He also informed him about the details of his visit and meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Hussain congratulated him on his successful visit.