KARACHI  - The “soft power of media” can be a great blessing for any nation if it is used judiciously and within the limits.

This was stated by the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, Sumsam Ali Bukhari.

He was speaking as chief guest at a seminar organised by the PAF Air War College here on Wednesday. The theme of the moot was: “Media as an element of national power.”

Media can play a very positive role in defending the national interests especially in the prevailing geo-political regional environment, the State Minister said.    

The minister was of the view that the soft power of the media can be a great blessing for any nation if it is used in a judicious manner and within the limits it is supposed to operate and that it can also have a destructive impact on a society if it is allowed to operate like a loose cannon.

“That is why it is said that the media and nations rise and fall together.” If they work together in a positive way they can work miracles in regard to achievement of the national objectives and strengthening the state and the things can move in the opposite direction if that cohesion and cooperation is missing.

Media and the government have a complementary role in the task of nation-building. Both aim at promoting peace, tranquility, progress and well being of the people.

Sumsam Bukhari pointed out that in the modern era as a consequence of prevailing global security environment, the media is also being looked upon to promote interfaith harmony.

“I myself being a firm believer in the freedom of expression and independence of media, do appreciate the efforts of the PAF War College to educate the participants of the course from Pakistan and from friendly countries on the role and importance of the media in the formulation of the war strategies and security policies besides raising their professional ingenuity.”

The minister also informed the participants of the seminar that media enjoys complete freedom in Pakistan which has been given unqualified recognition within and outside the country.

He further stated that the media has a great role for the future of the country.

Sumsam Bukhari also wished the participants of the seminar good luck and all the success.

Earlier, on arrival at the venue, he was received by the Commandant of the PAF War College, Air Vice Marshal Farooq Habib.

On the occasion, the minister also recorded his impressions in the visitors’ book.