KHAWAJA DAWOOD - Once I heard a wise man saying, “You fall in love only once and when you do, don’t miss the chance of expressing that.” Though I believed him an idiot, after falling in love for more than once, even they were one-sided, but the expressing part stays valid. And I say V-Day is the day for the very purpose, having rose in hand, feelings in heart, amid the fears of Punjab Police.

Humans in Pakistan need nothing but entertainment. They talk about sky-rocketing prices, poverty, inflation, unemployment. Just have a look at them on this day, they’d all be happy and entertained.

A shiny day, it was. I was sitting right in front of my Love in the Model Town Park, she gave me a smile as gesture of her love. That moment I was supposed to present her the chocolates and a bunch of roses. She knew all of my feelings, but the words were to be said, so I did… “I love you”. She was feeling heaven on earth. I wished to grab stars for her then, but it was the evening. So I compromised on the gifts, and here comes the cops. What a timing! I could have run across the park as I was an athlete back in times, but how could I escape my Love, my Valentine. The police were no less than hawks, set free to disturb the privacies, and pray the Love on the day. After a great deal of negotiation and ‘proofs’, I managed to make them ‘believe’ she was my fiancée or someone near to that. But the Valentine’s dress code put us into the troubles waters. I tried to swim a lot, but the cops were persistent to put us ‘behind bars’ and let our parents know about our whereabouts and especially the gifts. I reminded them of their motto to help public, and they did after having our chocolates and roses.

They might want to get praised by their de-lovely wives. However, after stripping me from money, they let us go with my Love, who thankfully got money to refuel the car’s tank.

Though I was quite ambitious to express my love but decided otherwise in presence of ‘hawks’ around. When dropping my Love, she too was expressionless at the end of a quite unlike-Valentine’s Day meeting.

Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, even Shrek and Fiona (the ogres), greatly fantasised me about love but I failed to figure it out why they never had Valentine’s Day in their lives.

Either they died before the day Saint Valentine wrote "from your Valentine" as a farewell to his lover, ahead of his execution or it was not the rosy spring or the nearest florist was out of town to meet his own lover. And now I’ve got the sense. They might be having ‘hawks’ around and love remained unexpressed.