Maulana Aziz is on the payroll of Capital Development Authority (CDA), a statutory government organization has issued a statement which primarily expresses his personal doubts about the ongoing peace talks not succeeding within ambit of constitution. He has been casting aspersions about the Taliban not being willing to accept the Constitution. The manner in which a private television channels has been giving exposure to Maulana Aziz, who neither has a mandate nor a conscience to behave in the manner expected from a government paid servant seems to be part of a tendency of the media to indulge in sensationalism, irrespective of the damage it may impose to our national interests for ratings.

This gentlemen nominated by TTP is on record of having supported their struggle. He has never expressed his disagreement on armed struggle launched by TTP, including practice of sending young men on suicide missions, who have been brainwashed to believe that embracing Shahadat, entitles them an assured place in heaven. The glaring contradiction between what he preaches and his acts was highlighted earlier, when he, instead of embracing the much preached ‘Shahadat’ in Lal Masjed tragedy, preferred to sneak out wearing a Burka, (a female covering) while younger boys and girls who had never even seen anything of the real world or enjoyed their youth were made to stay put and suffer a brutal death.

If Maulana does not believe in supremacy of the Constitution, which includes clauses that no laws will be framed against Quran and Sunna, why does he receive a salary from CDA? The Constitution of Pakistan is the basic law on which the foundation of a democratic state can thrive and exist. If Constitution is held in abeyance, or abrogated, than instead of ‘Rule of Law’, it will be ‘Rule of Men’ or individuals. No individual or group bearing arms, be they under the garb of religious extremists, sectarian cults or political mafia involved in illegitimate acts, should be allowed to be seen trampling the constitution, defy writ of state, make a mockery of judicial system, nor impose their beliefs and interpretation of Shariah on the vast majority of citizens of this Muslim nation.


Lahore, February 12.