This is refers to the news item published in print media that Japanese Government has granted Rs. 829 million for girls education in Sindh. While going through the contents of the above news I was excited to note that the fund would be spent on providing basic education to girls. The plan on opening 30 schools in six districts of Sindh. It is hoped that 2,400 girls will be registered in these schools.

There have been many projects planed but never executed in Pakistan, I am hoping that this government will honestly utilize the said amount for the purpose it has been given. Pakistan badly needs funds for its education sector , especially girls education. It is believed that this will improve the lives of the rural girls in Sindh. Education can  have a progressive effect on their personality and also make them a part of the future of the country. Educating one girl means an educated family.

rural Sindh lacks proper schools and the education system has not been developed by the government as it should have been and no importance has been given to girls education at all. In the last one decade . with a federal and provincial government which comes from Sindh it was ignored and there is no proper education system and basic medical health facilities nor proper drinking water is available for the people of this area.

I would like to request former President Asif Ali Zardari and Mr. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to who has taken a keen interest in the Sindh Festival to not waste so much money on a festival rather the province needs clean drinking water and health facilities. I would say that Rs.5 million should be allocated to Sindh Festival and remaining 245 million be utilized for providing education and basic medical facility. We therefore requested the Chief Minister of Sindh, Minister of Education and Secretary Education, to properly and honestly utilized these funds for only basic girls education, moreover there needs to be strict monitoring of the allocated funds.


Karachi, February 12.