The breakup of Pakistan, and the creation of Bangladesh is still the cause of pain for both Bangladesh and Pakistan, and needs to be examined carefully. We Pakistanis must clear the air. For a start the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report must be made public. The breakup was traumatic experience for the hapless Pakistanis. I believe that the breakup was planned at the end of the 1965 war. Pakistan had acquitted itself well, and Indira Gandhi was furious at what she considered was a disgrace to the Indian might and a disastrous show on the battle field. Indians then set about lining up their considerable support in the western media, and the intellectuals in the west. The script was crafted exquisitely, and supported by the Indian establishment. With behind the scenes pressure from Russian and US and the world media. What has not been investigated is the role of the Pakistani establishment in allowing themselves to be outflanked completely. It was almost as if the establishment was complicit in the break.

The manner of the break was spread over five years and encouraged by the chauvinistic Punjabis in west Pakistan. These people did not realize nor admit, that they were in fact living as colonial slaves, with Islamabad (civil servants) having replaced the British as the rulers. The creation of Bangladesh was in fact the true independence from the ‘Raj’, while the poor Pakistani still suffers under the colonial mindset. Both the ruler and the ruled carefully observed the positions to be enjoyed by each, without any challenge to the rulers from the ruled. One must realize that the Bengali was always rebellious of authority, in fact it was the Calcutta riots that forced Gandhi’s hand and Punjabi had always subservient, and obedient to command. That is the reason they were such good cannon fodder.

All our institutions have been systematically destroyed by corrupt practices. For instance our railway locomotives have been destroyed by the use of substandard oil being used in the engines. It is a pity that we Pakistanis have not realized that we should first obtain our freedom from these corrupt leaders. Only a revolution can save us. We in Pakistan are living under an umbrella of a colonial setup. Waiting for a revolution to deliver us from these masters, who are from amongst us and yet have created a different class from themselves. Very similar to George Orwell’s animal farm. We are indeed in a similar predicament. So it seems we are doomed to suffer these troubles, and we have to rise up against this system which is as cruel and despotic as one imposed by an outsider. Our despots are homegrown.


Lahore, February 12.