LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the pace of construction work on Nandipur power plan is surprising and the project which was a symbol of inefficiency, corruption and criminal negligence of the former rulers has been transformed into a glowing example of commitment and performance of the present leadership.
He said due to delay in the execution of the project by the former government, people had been robbed off their hard-earned money and now an additional expenditure of 27 billion rupees was being incurred on the project .
“The first turbine of Nandipur power project will start generating electricity from May 2014,” he said while talking to media-men after reviewing the pace of construction work on Nandipur Power Project Gujranwala on Thursday.
Project Director, Capt (r) Mehmood Ahmad and plant manager of Dang Fang Corporation Limited China, Chen You Ping gave a briefing on the project .
Local assembly members and concerned officials were also present on the occasion. The chief minister said that Nandipur Power Project gave a message how living nations achieve the impossible through commitment and steadfastness. He said the project was a living example of the spirit of national reconstruction of the Pakistani nation.
Shahbaz said during his last visit to China he was informed by Chinese authorities that how the previous government had kept this project pending for three years and caused a huge economic loss to Pakistan while the nation also suffered load-shedding.
He said delay in the execution of the project also robbed the people of their hard-earned money and an additional expenditure of 27 billion rupees was being borne by the nation on the project .  He said machinery of the project remained lying at Karachi port due to which the material got rusted while precious equipment were also stolen. He said that purchase of 83,000 parts was now being made again. However, best efforts are being made to minimize the expenses.
Expressing his pleasure on the pace of execution of the project , the chief minister said that when he came to this place three months ago it was vacant but now a number of installations of the plants had been constructed and it seemed that the workers engaged in the project were working with a missionary spirit and striving to rid the people of the scourge of load-shedding as early as possible. He said police, civil administration, Chinese and Pakistani engineers and the workers deserved all appreciation and credit for their efforts. The chief minister expressed the hope that the shortfall of electricity will considerably reduce during the tenure of Pakistan Muslim League-N government as work was being carried out on emergent basis on several energy projects. He said that first solar power plant of the country will be inaugurated next month in Bahawalpur and 100 megawatt electricity will be added to the national grid with the completion of the project .
He said it was a matter of satisfaction that Chinese company had worked speedily on his request and the first turbine would start production of electricity from May 2014 whereas under the agreement the project was to be completed in November 2014. He said the project will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
The chief minister in response to the demand of the labourers working on the project announced that a break for Jumma prayers would be given to the labourers but they should continue to work on this day and will be given double wage for Friday.
President and general secretary of Gujranwala Press Club also met the chief minister and presented their demands upon which Shahbaz directed Commissioner Gujranwala to provide land for the building of the press club. He also announced a grant of one million rupees for the press club.
Meanwhile, Shahbaz has strongly condemned the suicide attack on a police bus near Police Training Centre Karachi.
The chief minister expressed deep sense of sorrow and grief over the loss of precious human lives. He also sympathized with the injured police officials and prayed for their early recovery.