LAHORE- After failing to establish accountability of party funds and other mismanagements among the tsunami ranks, PTI Punjab chapter has given the task to an ISO certification firm for getting a clean chit concerning the financial as well as other matters of mismanagement.

Addressing a Press conference on Thursday after signing the MoU for ISO 9000 certification with a certification firm, PTI Punjab President, Ijaz Chaudhry alongwith Dr Yasmin Rashid, Andleeb Abbas and Shafqat Mehmood stated that the action would further ensure transparency concerning matters of different nature in the party, besides setting a big example of transparent accountability in a political party.  Andleeb Abbas, party’s provincial spokesperson will head the governance and organisation committee concerning the affairs of ISO certification.

Andleeb briefing the participants said that the ISO 9000 was an international quality management system, which was a very effective way of creating professional organisation, quality standards and accountable governance in institution.

She said that the biggest thing lacking in political parties in Pakistan and South Asia was a lack of management system and accountability which prevented the party to become less dependent on personality and more on performance.

Interestingly, Andleeb hasn’t replied the important query that why her party which has many financial and experts of other fields at its strength, has to outsource the task of financial accountability and management to an ISO certification firm.

She claimed that this system was the true representative of democracy, as it would make top to bottom leadership to comply with similar standards of performance and accountability.

According to political pundits, PTI leadership through this action, has admitted its failure over controlling the various interest groups in the party.