What should I tell you about the misery of my homeland, how can I tell you the tragedy through which the people are passing? The children of my country who should have been studying in schools or playing in the grounds are working as slaves and labourers. Some are seen begging, some appear searching for food on the heaps of rubbish, some look helpless and desperate. These children, the future of the nation, are regretfully leading a miserable life.

The youth of the country aren’t peaceful either; some are unemployed, the rest are searching work door to door. The employed aren’t happy with what they are getting in return for their toil because the government has let loose the horrible monster of inflation. There are so many educated youth who are forced by their economical conditions to work as vendors or cart drivers, rickshaw drivers or Quingchi drivers (motor-cycle rickshaw) to earn enough to make ends meet.

Those who try to do some small business are worried by the excessive and unscheduled power failures and load-shedding. The intelligent and the educated wait years for proper employment due to lack of recommendations or bribery. It is getting service/ employment in the police or any other institution. Job opportunity is available only to those who can manage bribing the high officials and can secure recommendation of some political big gun. The youth of the nation, the helpers of the old, are tired and worried by untold crises in their lives.

On the other hand the rulers and politicians of my country are driving completely into the slavery of the other nations. They are busy searching new ways and tactics to increase the worries of the nation. If more time was spent on thinking of ways to enhance the productivity rather than personal wealth the country could prosper. If this country had a wise, honest and just ruler instead of the corrupt self serving politicians we would all be living in heaven. We get the same kind of rulers, the faces change but the criminal acts remain the same.

Other countries with less resources have advanced far ahead of us with determination and good leadership.


London, February 10