KARACHI : The UNISAME has invited the attention of Masood Iqbal and Chelaram K.K, the chairman and vice chairman of Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP), to the exorbitant increase in renewal of membership fees from Rs 3000 to Rs 14000 and urged them to reconsider the increase to enable the SME rice exporters to continue their membership. President UNISAME pointed out that the almost 465% increase in renewal fees and 100% increase in web hosting and maintenance fees from Rs 500 to Rs 1000 is beyond comprehension and no other trade association has fixed or increased this kind of fees for its members.

He said REAP should not take advantage of the mandatory membership requirement and comprehend the fact that even the renewal fees of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CC&I) is only Rs 2100 and warned REAP that if they do not revise the membership fees the SME rice exporters will be compelled to seek remedy from the ministry of commerce (Mincom) for removal of the mandatory membership clause and urged the Mincom to accept the membership of the CC&I as sufficient for rice exporters.