There are said to be four pillars of the state, the legislative body, judiciary, administration, and Media. In Pakistan however it seems an inert situation as the legitimate pillars of the state are crumbling down. They are unable to bear the burden, they seem to be only standing like idols and waiting for the building to collapse. Meanwhile the state now and for the past 67 years is being supported by an invincible pillar, which now is legitimating itself in the absence and support from the democratic liberal system. This invincible pillar has now made itself admissible through the 21st Amendment in the ‘holy constitution’ at the hands of democratically elected members of the parliamentary legislative body.

It has also sidelined the soaring power of the civilian courts replacing them with military courts. Moreover by creating a military helpline 1135, it has ridiculed the working capacity and effectiveness of the bureaucracy and administrative departments especially the Police. The education department of the government should now also amend the syllabus of political science by replacing the concept of four pillars of the state with only one pillar named as an ‘invincible Pillar.’


Lahore, January 9.