Ostentatious leaders and astute orators confine themselves to mere condemnation when protection of paupers and cross examination of kingfishes is sought for their brutalities. Multitude casualties in Thar due to mismanaged famine, wholesale market of government jobs in Sindh, the worst governance and deteriorated peace and tranquility merit only denunciation. In the wake of atrocities in Sindh, recent astonishing revelations of Baldia Town factory inferno, in which 258 died. In the official report a political party is held liable for the holocaust and this is not the first time political terrorism was revealed. It is likely that the report will be left to decay in a government dossiers and the perpetrators will go scot free. In this situation a person from the middle class has two options, either to become a part of this corrupt culture or strive for their right through legal means.


Sindh, February 12.