LAHORE - On the direction of Ombudsman Punjab, the government has enhanced minimum monthly wages of work charged employees of the government departments from Rs9,000 to Rs12,000.

Following this governmental decision, the Ombudsman Punjab has disposed off the complaint filed by work charged employees of Irrigation Department.

According to details, work charged employees of Mankera Division, Irrigation Department Khoshab, lodged a complaint to the Adviser to Ombudsman Punjab Khoshab that Punjab government had announced to enhance minimum monthly wages of workers to Rs12,000 but they were merely getting Rs9,000. It was revealed during the course of inquiry that the announcement could not be matured as notification was not issued.

The Ombudsman Punjab issued notices to Punjab Finance Secretary on October 09 and 18, 2014. The finance secretary, in his replies, had promised that the required notification would be issued soon. The provincial government issued notification of approval of revised schedule of wages rates 2015 and provided the copy of the notification to Ombudsman Punjab who disposed off the complaint accordingly.

As per revised schedule of wages rates, work charged employees of all provincial departments would get minimum monthly salary of Rs12,000.