Islamabad - A college student of Mailsi area of district Vehari, Ahsan Nawaz has introduced a new computer software named ‘Ahsan Technique’ that would facilitate youngsters and less educated people to learn computer use easily.

According to a TV report, the 18-year-old second year student of Punjab College has been awarded National Science Award on the occasion of National Science Fair in the past and now heading to America to participate in the International Science Fair award ceremony. Talking in an interview on state—run TV channel, Ahsan Nawaz said that through `Ahsan Technology’ he would be able to create new hardware technique through which he could make new electronic devices and there would be no need to read different machines and even a fifth class student can read that language. He ensured that with installation of this hardware computer language, even the hackers cannot hack the computer information anywhere in the world.

“Ahsan was happy over the encouragement and achievement on the introduction of new computer language by his parents, teachers, and friends as they expressed pride on his achievement especially in this region. They said that through this language he has made the computer language so easy for everybody and even in future he will introduce more like computer programmers and he will shine like a star in the country.  Replying to a question, Ahsan said that `Ahsan Technique’ is an ultimate machine technique with which a commonman can take help in creating multi programs which a person normally capable of doing it at the engineering level.

He further said that he started work since childhood besides circumstances compelled him to join this field added that he was capable of doing work on high tech computer techniques initially but decided to work on his own computer languages so this way he discovered `Ahsan technique’ which took  much of his time .Replying to another question, he said that he has started work on a USB identity card which is not available in any computer in the world and it would provide security to the external ports of the computers adding that it could move computer data here and there easily. It also helps detecting viruses in the computers which is placed in mother board to read information within three minutes and a specific code has been attached with it, he added.

Ahsan has been invited by the INTEL to display his project in America besides he had also gone to Arizona for same purpose. He appreciated the Punjab Collage, Mailsi for facilitating him this specific education free of cost and helping him to be the future scientist. Last but not the least, he wished for himself to do engineering after completing the pre engineering added that he was also doing work on other projects such as biometric system but on base he would be using the same language.