LAHORE - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Pervaiz Rashid has said that no ‘parachute candidate’ will find place in the list of ticket holders of the PML-N running for Senate.

“The party has picked up every candidate on merit and in view of his experience and vision to discharge responsibilities of the office,” the minister told the media after filing his nomination papers for the Senate seat here on Friday.

Pervaiz said that the tickets had not been awarded on the basis of connection with any region, but capability and service for the country and the party were benchmark for selection of the ticket holders.

To a question on Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan as stated by the ISPR, the minister replied that ISPR was a branch of Pakistan armed forces. “What its spokesman says will not be without proofs and evidence,” he added.

To a question on the appointment of the new Punjab governor after Ch Muhammad Sarwar’s resignation, he informed that no name had been finalised so far. Without naming Ch Sarwar, Pervaiz Rashid further said that the UK returned politician had claimed his role in getting victory to the PML-N in last elections, while PTI chairman Imran Khan did not accept the election, at all. He asked both the PTI leaders to first decide between right and wrong before moving ahead together.

Responding to the statement of former governor that PML-N and PPP had set their turn for power, he said that Sarwar himself set turns all the way from London to Pakistan and had installed ‘king of horse trading’ in the AJK Assembly as President of his party.

To the question about PML-N’s stance over constituting judicial commission to probe rigging in last elections, Pervaiz said that the government would form the judicial commission forthwith if the PTI gave list of allegations which Imran Khan had been levelling. “However, the conditions PTI sets for the Commission fall in the jurisdiction of the election tribunal,” he added.